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Sobhan Babu played a variety of roles. Some of them I remember are:
As a Doctor in Gorintaku & Radhakrishna;  as a lawyer in Devatha; as a business man in Karthika Deepam, and there are many more.
One role he always in almost all of his movies played was romatic character. Perhaps, he is the only hero who acted in maximum number of movies as a romantic hero.
Another best part of Sobhan babu is that he almost looked (ensured to look different) different in every movie.
Watch some glimses of Sobhan babu and let me know atleast three movies that these photos belong to.


List of Movies

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Sobhan baby movies by VenkyShoban Babu acted in 230 movies. In almost 200 of those he played a hero. In the first few of the thirty odd movies he had to play small to secondary roles along with industry’s stalwarts like N.T. Rama Rao, ANR. When he was accepted as the Hero, he never made a compromise to play a secondary or any role lesser role than the Prime Hero in any of the movies throughout his life.


  1. Daivabalam (NTR,Sobhan Babu)


  1. Bhaktha Sabari


  1. Seetharama Kalyanam (N.T. Rama Rao, Harinath, Sobhan Babu, B. Saroja Devi)


  1. Bhishma (N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu, Anjali Devi)
  2. Mahamantri Timmarasu (N.T. Rama Rao, Gummadi Venkateswara Rao, Sobhan Babu, Devika)


  1. Irugu Porugu (N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu, Krishna Kumari)
  2. Somavaara Vratha Mahatyam (Kantha Rao, Sobhan Babu)
  3. Lava Kusha (N.T. Rama Rao, Kantha Rao, Sobhan Babu, Anjali Devi)
  4. Chaduvukunna Ammayilu (Akkineni, Sobhan Babu, Savithri, Krishna Kumari)
  5. Narthanasala (N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu, Savithri, S. V. Ranga Rao, L. Vijaylakshmi, Kantha Rao)


  1. Navagraha Pooja Mahima (Kantha Rao, Sobhan Babu)
  2. Karna (Shivaji Ganesan, N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu, Savithri, Devika)
  3. Deshadrohulu (N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu, Devika)
  4. Mairaavana


  1. Sumangali (anr, Jaggayya, Savithri, Sobhan Babu)
  2. Prameelarjuna Yuddham (N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu, B. Saroja Devi, Vanisri)
  3. Pratigna Palana (Kantha Rao, Sobhan Babu)
  4. Veerabhimanyu (N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu, Kanchana, Kantha Rao)


  1. Shri Krishna Pandaviyam (N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu, K. R. Vijaya)
  2. Loguttu Perumaalakeruka(Sobhan Babu, Rajasri)
  3. Paramanandayya Shishyula Katha (N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu, K. R. Vijaya)
  4. Potti Pleader (Sobhan Babu, Vanisri, B. Padmanabham)
  5. Bhaktha Pothana
  6. Gudachari 116 (Krishna, Sobhan Babu, Jayalalitha)


  1. Pinni (Sobhan Babu, vijaynirmala, devika)
  2. Sathyame Jayam (Sobhan Babu, rajasri)
  3. Sri Krishnavataram(N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu)
  4. Punyavathi(N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu, krishnakumari)
  5. Poola Rangadu (anr, Sobhan Babu, jamuna, vijaynirmala)
  6. Aadapaduchu (N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu, chandrakala, vanisri)
  7. Raktha Sindhooram
  8. Kambhoja Raju Katha (Sobhan Babu, rajasri, l.vijaylakshmi)
  9. private mastaru (Sobhan Babu, krishna)
  10. Sri Sri Sri Maryada Ramanna (Sobhan Babu, padmanabam, rajasri)


  1. Bharya (Sobhan Babu,vanisree)
  2. Chuttarikaalu (Sobhan Babu,jagayya,lakshmi,jayanthi)
  3. Mana Samsaram (Sobhan Babu,bharathi)
  4. Panthaalu-Pattinpulu (Sobhan Babu,vanisri)
  5. Lakshmee Nivaasam (Sobhan Babu,krishna,svr,vanisri,bharathi,anjalidevi)
  6. jeevitha bandham
  7. veeranjaneya (kantharao,Sobhan Babu,arjajanardhanrao)
  8. Kalisina Manasulu( Sobhan Babu,bharathi)
  9. Kumkuma Bharine (Sobhan Babu,anjalidevi)


  1. Manchi Mithrulu (Sobhan Babu, Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala, Githanjali)
  2. Bangaru Panjaram (Sobhan Babu, Vanisri)
  3. Vichithra Kutumbam (N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu, Krishna, Savithri, Vijaya Nirmala, Sheela)
  4. Satthekaalapu Sattheyya (Sobhan Babu, Rajasri)
  5. Buddhimanthudu (anr, Sobhan Babu)
  6. Maamaku Thagga Kodalu (Sobhan Babu, Rajasulochana)
  7. Nindu Hrudayaalu (N.T. Rama Rao, Sobhan Babu, Chalam, Vanisri, Chandrakala, Githanjali)
  8. Manushulu Marali (Sobhan Babu, Sharada, Kanchana)
  9. Maathrudevatha (ntr, Sobhan Babu, Savithri, Chandrakala)
  10. Kannula Panduga (Sobhan Babu, K. R. Vijaya)
  11. Thaaraashashaankam (Sobhan Babu, Devika)
  12. Pratheekaaram (Sobhan Babu, Sandhya Rani)


  1. Bhale Gudachari (Sobhan Babu,sunandha)
  2. Petthandaarlu (Sobhan Babu)
  3. Maa Manchi Akkayya (Sobhan Babu,kr vijaya)
  4. Pasidi Manasulu (Sobhan Babu,saradha)
  5. Jagat Jetteelu (Sobhan Babu,vanisri)
  6. Thalli Dandrulu (Sobhan Babu,harinath,jagayya,savithri,y.vijaya,vijaylalitha,chandrakala)
  7. Maayani Mamatha (ntr,Sobhan Babu,b sarojadevi,lakshmi)
  8. Inti Gouravam (Sobhan Babu,aarthi)
  9. Iddaru Ammaayilu (anr,Sobhan Babu,vanisri)
  10. Deshamante Manushuloi (Sobhan Babu,chandrakala)


  1. Mooga Prema (Sobhan Babu, chalam, vanisri, vijaylalitha)
  2. Kathaanaayakuraalu (Sobhan Babu, vanisri)
  3. Vichithra Daapathyam (Sobhan Babu, vijaynirmala)
  4. Debbaku Taa Dongala Mutaa (Sobhan Babu, vanisri)
  5. Sathee Anasooya (Sobhan Babu, jamuna)
  6. Sisindri Chittibaabu (Sobhan Babu, saradha)
  7. Kalyana Mandapam (Sobhan Babu, kanchana)
  8. Bangaaru Thalli (Sobhan Babu, jamuna, krishnamraju, venniradai nirmala)
  9. Naa thammudu (Sobhan Babu, jagayya, bharathi)
  10. Chinna Naati Snehithulu (ntr,Sobhan Babu, devika, jagayya, vanisri)
  11. Ramaalaayam (Sobhan Babu, jagayya, jamuna, vijaynirmala)
  12. Koothuru Kodalu (Sobhan Babu, vijaylalitha)
  13. Thallee Koothullu (Sobhan Babu, kanchana)
  14. Tahsildaar Gari Ammaayi (Sobhan Babu, jamuna)
  15. Chelleli Kapuram (Sobhan Babu, vanisri)
  16. Jagath Jenthreelu (Sobhan Babu, vanisri)


  1. Amma Maata (Sobhan Babu,vanisri)
  2. Sampoorna Ramayanam (Sobhan Babu, svr, chandrakala, jamuna)
  3. Vamshoddhaarakudu (Sobhan Babu, kanchana)
  4. Kilaadi Bullodu (Sobhan Babu, chandrakala)
  5. shanti nilayam (Sobhan Babu, chandrakala)
  6. Manavudu Danavudu (Sobhan Babu, saradha, krishnakumari)
  7. Kanna Talli (Sobhan Babu, chandrakala)
  8. Kalam Marindi (Sobhan Babu, saradha)


  1. Pedda Koduku (Sobhan Babu,kanchana)
  2. Jeevana Tharangaalu (Sobhan Babu,krishnamraju,chandramohan,vanisri,lakshmi)
  3. Sharada (Sobhan Babu,saradha,jayanthi)
  4. Jeevitham (Sobhan Babu,saradha,jayanthi)
  5. Puttinillu-Mettinillu (Sobhan Babu,krishna,chandrakala,lakshmi,savithri)
  6. Minor Babu (Sobhan Babu,vanisri)
  7. Idhaa Lokam (Sobhan Babu,saradha)
  8. Doctor babu (Sobhan Babu,jayalalitha)
  9. Ganga Manga (Sobhan Babu,krishna,vanisri)


  1. Kannavari Kalalu (Sobhan Babu, vanisri, latha)
  2. Khaidi Baabaayi (Sobhan Babu, vanisri)
  3. Kodenaagu (Sobhan Babu, chandrakala, lakshmi)
  4. Andaru Dongale (Sobhan Babu,svr,nagabushanam,lakshmi)
  5. Chakravakam (Sobhan Babu,vanisri,chandrakala)
  6. Manchi Manushulu (Sobhan Babu,manjula)


  1. Devudu Chesina Pelli (Sobhan Babu, saradha)
  2. Andaroo Manchivare (Sobhan Babu, manjula)
  3. Baabu (Sobhan Babu,vanisri, lakshmi)
  4. Jeevana Jyothi (Sobhan Babu, vanisri)
  5. Bali Peetam (Sobhan Babu, vanisri, srividhya)
  6. Jebu Donga (Sobhan Babu, jayasudha)
  7. Gunavanthudu (Sobhan Babu, manjula)
  8. Soggadu (Sobhan Babu, jayachitra, jayasudha)


  1. Picchi maaraaju (Sobhan Babu,manjula)
  2. Iddaroo Iddare (Sobhan Babu,krishnamraju,chandrakala,manjula)
  3. Prema bandham (Sobhan Babu,vanisri)
  4. Raju vedale (Sobhan Babu,jayasudha)
  5. Pogarubothu (Sobhan Babu,vanisri)
  6. monagaadu (Sobhan Babu,jayasudha,manjula)
  7. raaja (Sobhan Babu,jayasudha)


  1. Kurukshethram (Sobhan Babu, Krishna, Krishnam Raju, Chandramohan, Jamuna, Chandrakala, Latha, Vijaya Nirmala, Jayaprada)
  2. Ee tharam Manishi (Sobhan Babu, Jayaprada, Lakshmi)
  3. Jeevitha Nauka (Sobhan Babu, Jayasudha, Jayaprada)
  4. khaidhi kaalidas (Sobhan Babu, Deepa)
  5. Gadusu Pillodu (Sobhan Babu, Jayasudha)


  1. Naayudu baava (Sobhan Babu,jayapradha,jayasudha)
  2. Nindu Manishi (Sobhan Babu,jayachitra)
  3. Manchi Baabaayi (Sobhan Babu,jayachitra,jayasudha)
  4. Kalaanthakulu (Sobhan Babu,jayasudha)
  5. Mallepoovu (Sobhan Babu,lakshmi,jayasudha)
  6. Radhakrishna (Sobhan Babu,jayapradha,rupa)
  7. Enki Naayud Baava (Sobhan Babu,vanisri)


  1. Raama baanam (Sobhan Babu,krishnamraju,jayasudha)
  2. Bangaaru chellelu (Sobhan Babu,sridevi,jayasudha)
  3. Karthika Deepam (Sobhan Babu,saradha,sridevi,geetha)
  4. Joodhagaadu (Sobhan Babu,jayasudha)
  5. Mande Gundelu (Sobhan Babu,krishna,jayapradha,jayasudha)
  6. Gorintaku (Sobhan Babu,sujatha,padma)


  1. Mahaa lakshmi (Sobhan Babu, Vanisri, subhashini)
  2. Chandeepriya (Sobhan Babu, Chiranjeevi, Jayaprada)
  3. Kaksha (Sobhan Babu, Jamuna, Sridevi, Jayachitra)
  4. Mosagadu (Sobhan Babu, Chiranjeevi, Sridevi)
  5. Sannaayi Appanna (Sobhan Babu, Jayaprada)
  6. Chesina Baasalu (Sobhan Babu, Jayaprada)
  7. Dharma Chakram (Sobhan Babu, Jayaprada)
  8. Kodallosthunnaaru Jaagrattha (Sobhan Babu, Sharada, Geetha)
  9. Ramudu Parashu Ramudu (Sobhan Babu, Latha, Rathi)
  10. Maanavudu Mahaneeyudu (Sobhan Babu, Sujatha)


  1. Pandanti Jeevitham (Sobhan Babu,saradha,vijayshanthi)
  2. Jagamondi (Sobhan Babu,rathi)
  3. Devudu Mavaih (shobna,vanisri)
  4. Illaalu (Sobhan Babu,sridevi,jayasudha)
  5. Deepaaraadhana (Sobhan Babu,jayapradha)
  6. Samsaaram Santhaanam (Sobhan Babu,jayasudha)
  7. Jeevitha Ratham (Sobhan Babu,rathi,sumalatha)
  8. Gharaanaa Gangulu (Sobhan Babu,sridevi)
  9. Girijaa Kalkyaanam (Sobhan Babu,jayapradha)
  10. Alludugaroo Zindaabaad (Sobhan Babu,saradha,geetha)


  1. Vamsha Gouravam (Sobhan Babu,sujatha)
  2. Iddaru Kodukulu (Sobhan Babu,radha)
  3. Krishanaarjunulu (Sobhan Babu,krishna,jayapradha,sridevi)
  4. Prema Moorhtulu (Sobhan Babu,radha,lakshmi)
  5. Korukunna Mogudu (Sobhan Babu,jayasudha)
  6. Pratheekaaram (Sobhan Babu,sujatha)
  7. Swayamvaram (Sobhan Babu,jayapradha)
  8. Devatha (Sobhan Babu,sridevi,jayapradha)
  9. Illaali Korikalu (Sobhan Babu,jayasudha)
  10. Bandhaalu – Anubandhaalu (Sobhan Babu,chiranjeevi,lakshmi)


  1. Balidaanam (Sobhan Babu,madhavi)
  2. Raghu Raamudu (Sobhan Babu,sujatha,sumalatha)
  3. Mundadugu (Sobhan Babu,krishna,sridevi,jayapradha)
  4. Mugguru Monagaallu (Sobhan Babu,radhika,lakshmi)
  5. Thodoo Needaa (Sobhan Babu,saritha,radhika)
  6. Raja Kumaar(Sobhan Babu,jayasudha,ambica)


  1. Iddaru Dongalu (Sobhan Babu,krishna,jayasudha,radha)
  2. Baavaamaradallu (Sobhan Babu,suhasini,radhika)
  3. Punyam Koddhee Purushudu (Sobhan Babu,radhika,jayasudha)
  4. Jagan (Sobhan Babu,jayasudha,sumalatha)
  5. Kodetraachu (Sobhan Babu,sridevi)
  6. Dandayaathra (Sobhan Babu,suman,jayasudha)
  7. Illaalu Priyuraalu (Sobhan Babu,suhasini,pallavi)
  8. Mister Vijay (Sobhan Babu,radha)
  9. Abhimanyudu (Sobhan Babu,vijayshanthi,radhika)
  10. Bhaaryaamani (Sobhan Babu,jayasudha)
  11. Daanavudu (Sobhan Babu,jayasudha)
  12. Sampurna Premaayanam (Sobhan Babu,jayapradha)


  1. Mahaa Sangraamam (Sobhan Babu,krishna,jayapradha,jayasudha)
  2. Kongu Mudi (Sobhan Babu,suhasini)
  3. Maangalya Balam (shobna,radhika,jayasudha)
  4. Jackie (Sobhan Babu,suhasini,sumalatha)
  5. Devaalayam (Sobhan Babu,vijayshanthi)
  6. Ooriki Soggaadu (Sobhan Babu,vijayshanthi)
  7. Maharaaju (Sobhan Babu,suhasini)
  8. Mugguru Mithrulu (Sobhan Babu,muralimohan,chandramohan,suhasini,sumalatha,tulasi)
  9. Sri Vaaru (Sobhan Babu,vijayshanthi)


  1. Shravana Sandhya (Sobhan Babu,vijayshanthi,suhasini)
  2. Driver Babu (Sobhan Babu,radha)
  3. Mister Bharath (Sobhan Babu,rajasekhar,suhasini,rajani)
  4. Jeevana Poraatam (Sobhan Babu,rajanikanth,naresh,vijayshanthi,oorvasi,radhika)
  5. Jeevana Raagam (Sobhan Babu,sumalatha,sarathbabu,jayasudha)
  6. Bandham (Sobhan Babu,radhika)
  7. Dharmapeetam Daddharillindhi (Sobhan Babu,jayasudha)
  8. Vijrumbhana (Sobhan Babu,shobana)
  9. Adavi Raajaa (Sobhan Babu,radha)
  10. Sakkanodu (Sobhan Babu,vijayshanthi)
  11. Jailu Pakshi (Sobhan Babu,radhika,sumalatha)


  1. Punnami chandrudu(Sobhan Babu,suhasini)
  2. Ummadi Mogudu (Sobhan Babu,keerthisingh)
  3. Kalyaana Thaamboolam (Sobhan Babu,vijayshanthi,sarathbabu)
  4. Kartheeka pournami (Sobhan Babu,bhanupriya,radhika)
  5. Punya Dampathulu (Sobhan Babu,suhasini)


  1. Samsaaram (Sobhan Babu,rajendraprasad,saradha,jayapradha,rajani)
  2. Donga Pelli (Sobhan Babu,vijayshanthi)
  3. Doragaarintlo Dongodu (Sobhan Babu,radha)
  4. Chattamtho Chadarangam (Sobhan Babu,saradha)
  5. Bharyaa Bharthalu (Sobhan Babu,radha)
  6. Annaa Chellelu (Sobhan Babu,radhika,jeevitha,sarathbabu)


  1. Dorikithe Dongalu (Sobhan Babu,radha,vijayshanthi)
  2. Soggaadi Kaapuram (Sobhan Babu,radha)


  1. Doshi Nirdoshi (Sobhan Babu,suman,sumithra,lizi)


  1. Sarpa Yaagam (Sobhan Babu,roja,rekha)


  1. BalaramaKrishnulu (Sobhan Babu,rajasekhar,jagapathibabu,ramyakrishna,srividhya,kalpana,rajeevi)
  2. Ashwamedham (Sobhan Babu,balakrishna,nagma,meena,geetha)


  1. Yevandee aavida vacchindhi (Sobhan Babu,saradha,vanisri,harish,ramba)


  1. Jeevitha Khaidhi (Sobhan Babu,jayapradha,jayasudha)


  1. Aasthi Mooredu Aasha Baaredu (Sobhan Babu,jayasudha,indraja)
  2. Dorababu (Sobhan Babu,priyaraman,)
  3. Adavi Dora (Sobhan Babu,surabhi,radha)


  1. hello guru (Sobhan Babu,aamani,suhasini,nirosha,ali rr)
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Watch from philosphical inspirations of Sobhan babu

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What’s the difference between success and failure?

I see those who are principled, and stick to principles remain successful, because they pursue their career with hardwork, and devotion. Sobhan babu  never gave up as a struggling star to become a super hero. Similarly he never compromised on his principles.

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Video Links

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